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          Falsehoods Unchallenged Only Fester & Grow

          The Fog?bow is a com?mu?ni?ty of peo?ple who enjoy fol?low?ing fringe polit?i?cal move?ments in Amer?i?can pol?i?tics. Orig?i?nal?ly formed in 2009 and ded?i?cat?ed to debunk?ing the “birther” move?ment, we have evolved as the birther move?ment fad?ed in the rear view mir?ror.

          Today the only birthers worth talk?ing about are Ted Cruz birthers, and the var?i?ous law?suits chal?leng?ing his eli?gi?bil?i?ty are fol?low?ing the famil?iar pat?tern of the past 7? years – they’re all being tossed by the courts for lack of stand?ing and jus?ti?cia?bil?i?ty.  Thus, we now focus pri?mar?i?ly on the “sov?er?eign cit?i?zen” move?ment, the so-called “patri?ot” move?ment, and on var?i?ous cur?ren?cy reval?u?a?tion scams.

          How?ev?er, our com?mu?ni?ty does fol?low many oth?er top?ics, from the 2016 pres?i?den?tial race to tech?nol?o?gy and sci?ence and math?e?mat?ics, and from the lat?est books and TV shows to the innu?mer?able trag?ic mass shoot?ings in this great nation.

          We have these things most?ly in com?mon: Most, but not all of us are Democ?rats. Most, but not all of us have col?lege degrees, and in many cas?es advanced degrees. Most, but not all of us are lib?er?als.  Most, but not all of us live in the Unit?ed States, though we have many mem?bers in oth?er coun?tries. We have a lot of lawyers, due to the many, many law?suits the birthers had in the past.  But we also have pro?fes?sion?als from many oth?er walks of life. Our mem?bers have a vast store?house of infor?ma?tion and expe?ri?ences. Plus snark. Our snark is the best.

          The heart of our com?mu?ni?ty is our forum.